Where to Eat

I’ve had a caffeine headache all day which has made it a bit hard to concentrate on books. Luckily Andi tagged me on a meme and I’ll do that instead. Heh.

The Restaurant Meme:

The rules:1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you.
Include the city/state and country you’re in.
Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Olivia (London, England)
ML (Utah, USA)
Lotus (Toronto, Canada)
tanabata (Saitama, Japan)
Andi (Dallas [ish], Texas, United States)
Iliana (Dallas (ish), Texas, United States)

2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.
3. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) and let them know they’ve been tagged.

  • Cafe Brazil – This coffee house was often my stopping spot after a late night of dancing. Now, you won’t find me there in the wee hours of the night but I visit often to have my favorite omelettes. If I’m in a specially decadent-feeling kind of mood then I’ll have the Pancrepes. These are crepes dipped in cinnamon egg batter, topped with creme anglaise, raspberry sauce, walnuts and powdered sugar. Talk about a sugar high.
  • Dream Cafe – I love the atmosphere and that they have a good variety of vegetarian offerings. Plus they make a yummy mocha cafe latte.
  • Los Lupes – I judge most Mexican food places on their sour cream chicken enchiladas. This place has some fabulous ones. The chips and salsa are some of my favorites too. Plus you can’t beat the prices.
  • Via Real – For a more upscale Mexican food place I love this restaurant. Step inside and you feel like you are somewhere in Santa Fe. All the dishes I’ve tried have always been excellent and their Flan is one of the best, yes, even as good as the one my dad used to make.
  • Fortuna Grill – This cozy little restaurant has become a recent favorite. Every time I’ve gone in, I’ve selected a different dish and all have been yummy, but the manicotti might be my favorite one yet.

Well, as if you couldn’t guess from this list, I love breakfast dishes (although usually not as breakfast), Mexican food and Italian food.

Now I’ll tag Christine (because she always knows the cool places), Isabel (because I love hearing about New Orleans) and Matt (because he always seems to visit the best restaurants ever).

I promise book talk will resume tomorrow.

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