Currently Reading

I’m currently in the middle of five books and I wanted to share a bit of my thoughts on these.

Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker. I’m listening to this one on my commute and it’s the story of two sisters who disappeared one day, one has come back three years later but what happened to them and is her sister still alive? Lots of crazy family dynamics in this one and a psychologist who may also be carrying some baggage as well. Interesting but I wish there was more action.

The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde. I am not very far into this one but it’s a hoot. Mary Mary and Jack Spratt work the Nursery Crimes Division and they’ll be tasked with finding out who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, adapted by Renee Nault. I have read this Atwood classic twice and it’s one of my all time favorites and when I saw the graphic novel version at the library I couldn’t resist. The illustrations are beautiful and so far I think it captures the novel very well.

The Carrying by Ada Limon. I didn’t feel a strong connection to this poetry collection at first but there have been a couple of poems that have really moved me. I’m half way through this and I feel like the best is yet to come.

After She’s Gone by Camilla Grebe. I read her book, The Ice Beneath Her, and really enjoyed the twists and turns so I was looking forward to this one but this one seems to be lacking that tension of the first book.

So those are my current reads. I will probably finish a couple of these soon so I’m already looking forward to what I’ll pick up next. Would love to hear if you’ve read any of these and what you thought.

I hope you have a great weekend and let me know if you are starting/finishing any books this weekend.

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This & That

I’ve been enjoying some new things and wanted to talk a bit about those here.

First up, booktubing. I know bookworms have been vlogging about books on YouTube for years now but I’ve been slow to catch on to that. Usually I tend to watch crafty videos on YouTube but I just discovered El Librero de Valentina and I’m hooked. She’s a Mexican book vlogger and has some wonderful recommendations of books from Latin America. So needless to say my wish list is exploding. If you understand Spanish (or want to practice) go check her out and I bet you’ll come away with a lot of books to add to your list.

I’ve also recently finished two books, Persons Unknown by Susie Steiner and Useful Phrases for Immigrants by May-Lee Chai. I was expecting the Steiner book to be a great follow up to her first novel but I was not happy with the protagonist most of the time. Luckily the Chai short story collection was very enjoyable. I’ll have more info on those books in upcoming posts.

Finally, are you guys watching Bosch? I really enjoy the series and we’ve got one more episode to finish out the season. Do you have any good crime shows to recommend?

Otherwise around here I’m still way behind on talking about some other books I’ve finished in the past couple of months so stay tuned for those.

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Weekend Happenings

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. We had a really nice weekend and I just wish it would last one more day. Isn’t that always the case though. Ha.

The weekend kicked off with a lot of rain but despite the downpours and much cooler temperatures, I ran a lot of errands on Saturday. I lucked out at JoAnn’s and found some crafty things at a great discount. Not that I need more crafty supplies but like books, I can’t help myself when I’m around them.

Saturday evening my husband and I went to a fabulous concert presented by Austin Classical Guitar. The concert was at a Lutheran church and they played music from Bizet to the Beatles. When the director talked about one of the pieces he described it as a mysterious beauty and as I was listening to the music amidst the stained glass windows and candles at the altar, well, it was a bit of an otherworldly experience. I’m looking forward to more concerts later on in the year when the season starts again.

Today I hung out with my mom and we watched a lot of television but we talked about my Abuelita and stories of my mom’s youth. I always enjoy hearing about that and really should be more diligent about recording them in my journal.

On the reading front I have finished a couple of books which I’ll tell you about in another post. I hope you have a great week ahead and more book talk soon.

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