The World

Hope you all had a really nice weekend. For those of you who celebrated Father’s Day, I hope you made lots of great memories. My mom and I reminisced about my dad but then again, that is no different from any other day. I miss him so much. And, then we were watching the news and saw an in-depth story about the current policy on separating families. It breaks your heart and I feel so sorry for all the children who aren’t with their parents right now. I’m sorry, I typically don’t mention politics as we all need a place to get away from it but this is just not ok. So if you feel like you can help please visit this link for phone numbers and emails to contact elected officials. Let’s keep families together!

Anyway, let me move on to something much more lighter although some fans may not think this is a joking matter. Ha. The World Cup. Did you see Mexico beat Germany 1-0? We didn’t watch the game but I made sure to do a little victory dance when I told my husband the final score. I did want to mention that even if you aren’t following the games how about a World Cup in books? Here is one crime novel for every country in the World Cup. I’ve only read a couple of the authors mentioned and one of the books.

Speaking of books, I know I mentioned I was going to do a bit of book buying to celebrate my bloggiversary. Well, we did go to Barnes & Noble on Friday but I couldn’t find a book I was looking for but that evening I did a bit of book shopping online so when my order gets here I promise to let you know what I got.

That’s about it for the weekend. I haven’t gotten very far in my current reads and I’m blaming it all on my HR studies. I’ll be done with those in two more week so then I can catch up with my books. I am really excited about this week though because I am finally going to return to my mystery book group. Hopefully I’ll finish my book by then.

So, what about you, what were you up to this week?


This weekend I’m celebrating my bloggiversary! My blog turns 14 years old on Saturday. Can you believe that? What does one do for such an occasion? Well, I think some book buying is in order don’t you think?

So much has changed in blogland since I first started. I still enjoy the challenges and the readalongs but I definitely miss so many bloggers who have moved on. Which of course I totally understand as interests and life demands change.

What I will forever be grateful for though is for the connections I’ve made with so many wonderful readers and how my reading horizons have expanded. Before blogging I probably would not have thought of even picking up a graphic novel for example!

Thank you guys for always stopping by my blog. I enjoy sharing my love of books and of course love to read about your book experiences as well. I hope you have a delightful weekend.

Now off to celebrate with a trip to the bookstore!

Notes from a Public Typewriter

“Life, like this typewriter, has no backspace. Type strongly and don’t look back.”

Notes from a Public Typewriter
By Michael Gustafson and Oliver Uberti
Published: March 2018
Source: Advance review copy

Opening and running a bookstore can’t be an easy feat. Between keeping the bestsellers on the shelves and fighting the competition of online booksellers, the owners of Literati Bookstore, Michael Gustafson and his wife Hilary, weren’t going to be deterred from their dream of owning a bookstore.

When they opened the doors on the first day one of the first things they did was set out a light blue Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter on the lower level of the bookstore. Anyone could use the typewriter all the booksellers had to do was keep paper by its side.

It was a hit. That first they they heard the sounds of typing. What were the customers typing? Would they find love notes, confessions, funny anecdotes? This book is a compilation of how one typewriter in a bookstore helped build a community.

There are some charming stories of proposals, friendships and even one of a boy meeting the Violin Monster who can be seen around the streets of Ann Arbor. If you love books, bookstores and typewriters you must read this book. I love that there are also pictures of the bookstore scattered throughout the pages, some photos of the typewriter in use and even of the Wall of Fame of typewritten notes.