Are you ready for the weekend? I am so ready. I have quite a few errands to run but hopefully I’ll still find time to make it to the library to pick up some holds and/or go hang out at the bookstore for a bit. Most importantly, I have to finish my mystery book for book group night.

So I’ll leave you with some fun links to check out:

For those of you who enjoy coloring books, how about some coloring books from museums around the world? Yes, now you can download coloring books from 113 museum collections!

Just in case you need more incentive to buy more books, an overstuffed bookcase says good things about your mind. I think I have a coupon for the bookstore so perfect timing.

Have you ever checked out Lonely Planet? The books or forum are a wonderful way to discover places off the beaten path but now there’s also Library Planet. If you like to visit libraries on your travels (even if they are the armchair variety kind) through this website you can enjoy libraries from across the world.

If you enjoy sketchbooks, take a look at these contemporary artists who let us take a peek at their pages.

Finally, how did I know know about Reading Retreats? Wherever you are in the U.S. you can find one in your state. I wish I could pack some books and head out to one of these right now.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these links. Have a wonderful weekend and more book talk soon!

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Our House

“She must be mistaken, but it looks exactly as if someone is moving into her house. The van is parked halfway down Trinity Avenue, its square mouth agape, a large piece of furniture sliding down the ribbed metal tongue. Fi watches, squinting into the buttery sunlight – rare for the time of year, a gift – as the object is borne shoulder high by two men through the gate and down the path.”

Our House
By Louise Candlish
Published: August 2018
Source: Advance review copy

As Fiona “Fi” comes up to her house she notices a moving van and strangers moving furniture into her house. That can’t be right, she wasn’t expecting any furniture deliveries but as she enters her home she realizes it’s not one object but a new family moving into her home. How can this be?

The couple who believe they are the new owners don’t understand what is going on but they have all the documents and are trying to help calm down Fi. She’s trying to locate her estranged husband and her children but she can’t get a hold of Bram and it looks like the set up she had with Bram, just like their marriage was all based on lies.

Fiona’s marriage to Bram was pretty much over when she caught him cheating on her in their garden. Their boys asleep inside the house. That was too much but rather than disrupt the children’s lives they come to an accord, the Bird’s Nest. She’ll stay with the boys during the week and Bram can stay with them during the weekends. Meanwhile whoever is not at the Bird’s Nest, is staying at the Baby Deco, a cozy apartment nearby.

What Fi never knew was that all the while she was trying to move on with her life, even attempting a new relationship, Bram had some serious issues he had been covering up. From losing his driver’s license to other greater misdeeds which he is trying to stay ahead of by lying to everyone around him.

The story is split between Fi’s account and Bram’s narrative he’s put to paper. Will they get a chance to make amends to those they’ve hurt or will neither one escape unharmed by all the lies?

I enjoyed the double-narrative because I got to see the action as it developed based on the other’s viewpoint. While I felt for Fiona and the mess Bram created for their family, I also was so upset about Bram. He was a character he wasn’t coming to terms with the consequences of his bad decisions. Definitely suspenseful because you want to know how this will be resolved and definitely shocked by the ending. I do recommend this if you enjoy domestic thrillers.

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Creative & Curious

You guys, look what came in the mail! Last year I finally got to see an Uppercase book that I borrowed from my library. Botanica was a wonderful compilation of artists and crafters using flowers and/or floral imagery in their work. When I read that book I also found out that coming soon Uppercase would have a new publication, this time on Ephemera. As a lover of all kinds of paper stuffs I couldn’t wait until this book came out.

My copy arrived and I’m so excited. Of course I actually had to order something else to make the shipping worthwhile and I also ordered a back issue of the magazine.

Ephemera has beautiful pictures from artists’ studios. Vintage bus tickets, stamps, flash cards, you name it and it is in here. I love the colors and the collections. I collect a lot of ephemera as well for my crafting so you can imagine how fun it is to look through this.

In this edition of the magazine you can find articles on wandering book artists, a traveling bookstore and postcards. I’ve paged through both publications a bit and I can tell I’m going to go back to time and again for inspiration and just eye-candy. If I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow I think I’d sit around all day and indulge.

I know it’s a bit pricey but I am seriously thinking of getting a subscription. Let me know if you’ve ever checked out this magazine or if you’ve recently discovered a cool new magazine.

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