Magazine Recommendations

Hello Friends – I hope your weekend was filled with lots of fun and reading. I was catching up a bit on my magazine reading and found a really good article in Real Simple by Laura Lippman on The Book Fairy. Basically, it was about her realizing that her bookcases were out of control and one day realizing that there were certain books she would never read.

She started culling the shelves and suddenly she had 100 books set aside but what to do with them. She created a Mystery Box and started a lottery system for sending out books to the winners. To date she has sent out almost 200 books.

I found myself nodding and thinking, yep, I understand. My shelves are overflowing and yet I still buy books. I have good intentions but now that some books have been on my shelves waiting to be read for more than 20 years or so, you really do wonder if you’ll ever get to that book. I do weed the stacks every year at least but anyway I guess this is a very good problem to have right?

The article also mentions a couple of ways to share books and I would also add that aside from donating to Goodwill, there is your local library, Little Free libraries and don’t forget retirement/nursing homes.

The magazine news I read about was that Cloth Paper Scissors is ceasing publication. I’m so disappointed to learn about this. That magazine has some wonderful artist interviews, tutorials and a little bit of everything for artists. I had to pull out one of my older editions that featured books and art journals. I’m not sure if this also means that their special edition, Pages magazine, will also be discontinued.

This is going to leave a huge void in the artsy community. We’ll still have the publications by Stampington, which I do enjoy, but it’s always good to have other voices.

Anyway, have you read any good articles lately? Or any magazines you miss and wish they were still published?

On the Nightstand

I’ve finished and started some book since the last time I did a check-in on my current reads, and I thought I’d give you a quick update on what I’m currently reading – basically a lot of mysteries!

Still Waters by Vivica Sten. The first of this Swedish series which starts on a hot July morning on Sweden’s idyllic vacation island of Sandhamn, a man takes his dog for a walk and makes a gruesome discovery: a body, tangled in fishing net, has washed ashore. I was in Sweden last year and reading this book is reminding me of when we visited various islands.

The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny. I’m listening to this one on my commute and loved the introduction as it has some beautiful Georgian chants. In this installment, Chief Inspector Gamache is called out to a monastery to investigate the death of one of the monks. I know I’ve said this time again but Gamache is a great character so it’s so nice to visit with him again.

The Temptation of Forgiveness by Donna Leon. In this latest series featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti, is investigating the potential drug scene at a local school when things take a much more serious turn and the husband of a friend is fighting for his life after what appears to be a beating. Love the descriptions of Venice and one day, I will go there!

The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel by Alyssa Palombo. I just started this one during my lunch hour but I know it’s been getting a lot of attention and so far I’m enjoying the re-telling of the Legend of Spooky Hollow. This is going to be my third R.I.P. read.

I also have some others books I began a couple of months ago but I’m not really sure if I’ll continue with them or not. I haven’t quite decided to throw in the towel on those but at the same time other books I’m much more excited are earning prime space on the nightstand.

What about you? Have you put any books aside lately?

Weekend Fun

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We celebrated my husband’s birthday by spending some time window shopping, trying out a new restaurant and savoring some gelato. One of the places we went to was Sur La Table. If you love to cook this is the place for you. I don’t cook but my husband enjoys it (thank goodness) so we browsed in there quite a bit.

We also went to an Amazon Books retail store. It was fun to look at the new Kindles and to see how the store is laid out but this reminds me of an airport bookstore. A limited selection of bestsellers, some magazines and a few other bits. No comfy chairs anywhere. We did get a cookbook, Simply Vegetarian Cookbook, and hopefully will enjoy a new dish next weekend.

So not a lot of reading was done over the weekend although I did finish Disappearance at Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay. I am not sure how I feel about this book. There were some good suspenseful elements but in the end I was left feeling sad and lacking closure. I do recommend it though if you are looking for a good R.I.P. read. I’ll try to write a bit more about that one soon but let me know if you’ve read it and what you thought.

Now to get busy on my book group read as I need to make sure I finish that in time before next week.