vintagethanksgivingJust making a quick stop to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We don’t have a big celebration in our home but we are going to visit some friends today. I’ve received very warm messages from friends and it reminds me of how lucky I am for the wonderful friends I have in my life.

I’m very happy to have some time off from work to enjoy being together with my husband and mom and spending some time on hobbies. My craft table is nice and clean and ready for a wonderful crafty mess.

So this long weekend I plan to do some reading, maybe go to the movies and avoid the malls at all costs! haha..

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend and more book talk soon!

Good Times

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy best friend was in town this weekend and we had such a great time. Got to enjoy dinner with some other friends and we saw lots of art at EAST. One of my favorite places that we visited was Flatbed Press. It had been a while since I’d been there so there were new installations and galleries to see. I also caught a glimpse of the new Austin Book Arts Center. I’m hoping to sign up for some classes next year.

Last but not least, we also visited the East Austin Succulents and I found this cute, mini plant (shark included) for my office. Isn’t it fun?

Of course after a whirlwind of a weekend, it’s hard to get back to work but at least this is a short week. I hope I can finally catch up on my reading. I finally finished one book but I have a feeling my two reading challenges for this month are going to be a bust.

Anyway, on my mind right now is an email I got from Amazon regarding trade-in my old Kindle for a new one. I have one of the Kindle keyboard ones and while I don’t use it that much I am interested in the Kindle Paperwhite, especially because of the built in light. So, for you guys who have Kindles, what do you think of this one? Do you recommend it?

Ok, now to get ready for bed. Hope you guys have a great start of the week!

On A Mission

Can we get a do-over of the weekend? So much sadness all over the world. It’s usually during times like these that I take a lot of comfort in books but unfortunately Saturday I was in an allergy haze and finally had to take some allergy medicine which just knocks me out.

Sunday was spent trying to catch up on things but unfortunately most of my reading was just of online news and that wasn’t encouraging. I have a book group meeting on Tuesday and I’m nowhere near finishing my book. The mystery hasn’t really grabbed me but I’ll tell you more about it after book group meeting. I’m curious how the others liked the book.

EASTHowever, I am on a mission. One of my dearest friends is coming to visit this weekend and we are going to be out and about enjoying Austin and especially the EAST Austin Studio Tour! I know I mention this event every year but it really is such a fun event.

The catalogs for the event are out at the local libraries but I stopped at one this weekend and they had already run out. So that means, I might be visiting a lot of libraries between now and Friday. Yes, you can find all about EAST online but I like collecting these.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of bookish news today but more soon. In the meantime, peace and hugs!