R.I.P. Challenge

It’s time to get spooky! As most of you know, it’s time for the annual R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril challenge. The R.I.P. challenge was started 11 years ago by Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings is now being hosted by Heather and Andi.

Between September 1 through October 31 it’s time to indulge in mystery, suspense, thriller, dark fantasy, gothic, horror and the supernatural. There are various Perils you can participate in as well as group reads and even including film.

I’m going to attempt to do Peril the Second which involves reading two books that fit within the challenge categories. Ideally I would like to read more but we’ll see. I’ll also try to incorporate at least one short story and a film.

I’ve actually already started my challenge with Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. So far it is wonderful. Just like Dracula which I read several years ago, although I “know” the story from watching so many versions on screen it is quite something else to read the original.

And, because it’s always fun to include a picture of potential challenge reads, here are some I’m considering. Some short stories and novels. Yes, some of these have been featured in past posts. Shh, don’t tell. Oh and don’t you like the little witch figurine? I bought it on one of my trips to the Harz in Germany. The Harz is a place filled with charming villages and towns and lots of folklore. Unfortunately this year we didn’t get to go to the Harz but hopefully next year. Anyway, back to the picture!

Now tell me, are you joining and what are you reading? From my stack is there one you think I should pick up after I’m done with Frankenstein?

Vacation Reads

I hope you all had a great weekend. We finally went to the bookstore and got to hang out on Saturday which was wonderful. I think it’s been more than a month since we had visited because we’d been out on vacation and then trying to get back into the groove of things. I’m still behind on a lot of things but now it’s mainly because my downtime is going to job hunting.

Anyway, I wanted to catch up here and give you an update on what I read during vacation. We spent a lot of relaxing moments in cafes and of course I used the time on planes, trains and cars to catch up on my reading so I finished 10 books while we were away. Oh and hope you don’t mind another vacation picture. This is a view of Stockholm in the early evening.

Here’s what I read:

Blame by Jeff Abbott
The Ripper’s Shadow by Laura Joh Rowland
I See You by Clare Mackintosh
Best Intentions by Erika Raskin
The Ice Beneath Her by Camilla Grebe
When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi
Grievance by Christine Bell
How To Find Love In A Bookshop by Veronica Henry
The Graybar Hotel by Curtis Dawkins
The Boy In the Shadows by Carl-Johan Valigren

A bit of a mix between although mainly mystery. Two of these were set in Sweden so it was cool to have books to read of places with locations we were visiting. I will try my best to do quick reviews of all of these. Some were really, really good.

Of course my reading now seems to be at a standstill. I need to hurry up and finish my book for book group on Tuesday and I still need to show you some of the books that were waiting for me when I arrived home. Oh just so much to catch up on! Anyway, what is going on with you and were you able to read more over the summer or about the same?

Book Launch

I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m sorry I still am so behind on blog visiting and responding to comments. Unfortunately my weekend was a bit focused on my job search so mostly everything else fell by the wayside. I will get caught up soon.

I did have the chance though to go to The Writing Barn. I had no idea this wonderful creative space existed! They have workshops, events and rental space to nurture writers. I need to check out some of their classes and maybe one of these days I’ll be inspired to try it out but this time I was there for a book group friend who was launching her book.

Shrouded is the work of Meredith Lee, the pen name for Austin writers Dixie Lee Evatt and Sue Meredith Cleveland. I know Dixie from my mystery book group and I remember when she told us about a year ago that she was working on her book. It’s so exciting to see the actual copy.

There was a nice size crowd for the launch and we got to hear a bit about how the two work and the research they did as well as got to listen to both read some excerpts from the book. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a bit behind on a read I need to finish for our book group, I would have started this one.

Here is a bit about Shrouded from the publisher: American grad student, Crispin Leads, is at the Vatican to study burial rituals and catch up with her friend, Sister Lew. Within hours of her arrival, Crispin witnesses a murder and is drawn into an investigation of multiple homicides. Meet ups with a young priest, Father Roberto Rossini, seem coincidental but she soon learns that little is left to happenstance in this palace of games. When Lew disappears, blame falls on Crispin and Roberto. Desperate to find Lew and prove their innocence, they make a run for it. In the days that follow they escape death and torture as they unravel the secrets of an unholy plot.

You can read more about the writing team on the Meredith Lee website. I look forward to reading this one soon.