Short Stack

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had to make a quick trip to the library today to drop off an overdue book. An overdue book that I didn’t even get to read. I swear that happens to me all the time. Anyway, I also had one hold to pick up and I also took a quick look through the new books shelves. I didn’t want to go overboard with borrowing so I only checked out three books.

Gabi, A Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero. A coming of age story told in diary format. I love these types of books. I heard about this one from Athira and knew I just had to read it.

300 Days of Sun by Deborah Lawrenson. Is this about Texas? Just kidding. This is a story set in Portugal (a place I’d love to visit one day) and a woman who is trying to find herself. I’ve read one of Lawrenson’s books before and quite enjoyed it so I’m looking forward to this one.

The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian. A story of a party gone wrong. I’ll never forget when Chris Bohjalian came to our book group when he was touring for his book, Midwives. He was a great speaker and we all enjoyed asking him tons of questions.

So that’s it for my library haul. What have you got going on this weekend? I think we will celebrate Fall’s arrival with temperatures in the lower 90s. They are predicting rain but if the weather holds out then it might be time to take the bike out again. Otherwise I really want to do some crafting. Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you have a great time!

Perfect Days

perfectdays“Gertrude was the only person Teo liked. The other students weren’t quite as at ease around her. The minute they walked into the lab, the girls all held their noses. The guys tried to be cool, but their eyes revealed their discomfort.”

Perfect Days
By Raphael Montes
Translated by: Alison Entrekin

Young medical student, Teo Avelar, is more at home dissecting corpses until one day at a party he catches a glimpse of Clarice. She is bright, exotic and like no other girl he has ever met. They share some small talk and from then on Teo is obsessed.

When it looks like Clarice is not going to fall for his charms, in Teo’s warped mind the only thing to do is to kidnap Clarice. Surely after they spend time together she will realize that he’s only had her best interests at heart.

Teo takes Clarice to a remote location so she can spend time writing her screenplay “Perfect Days” in solitude and at the same time getting to know him. He lies to his mother and Clarice’s family and friends. He is frightening in his control methods and his rationale for holding onto Clarice.

Part of what makes this story work so well is that it is all told from Teo’s viewpoint. He’s a young man who cares for his disabled mother, a good student, and sure somewhat socially awkward but to see the progress of how he completely rationalizes his mad behavior is frightening.

Now this is what a thriller is supposed to be like. It’s full of twists and some gasp-inducing moments. It is interesting to note that this story came about after the writer’s mother encouraged him to write a love story. Well, obsession can be a part of love and there is plenty of that in this novel. This is a terrific book and I highly recommend it.

Source: Library Copy

Tuesdays Are To Die For

bookstoreTonight was another of my mystery book group meet ups. We discussed A Killing At Cotton Hill by Terry Shames. While this was probably not a book I voted for I ended up liking it. The mystery is set in a small fictional town in Texas and I have to admit I don’t read a lot of books set in Texas, probably because I live in Texas. So usually when I read I want to “travel” to other places.

Anyway, next up we have Hallowed Bones by Carolyn Haines, a Halloween themed book to read. Which I’ll probably count towards my R.I.P. Challenge! We also have books by David Hagerty and Caleb Carr to look forward to later in the year.

I did get to the bookstore a bit earlier before my book group met so I had some time to look through the shelves. I love seeing the new releases and can always find books to add to my TBR list. Tonight for example, I thought Darkness For The Bastards of Pizzofalcone by Mauricio de Giovanni and The Detective and the Chinese High-Fin by Michael Craven looked like good reads.

Before I left I quickly looked through the magazines and picked up Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. This is the 75th Anniversary edition. Good times at the bookstore.

I’ll tell you more about the book we read in another post but for now it’s time to get back to some current reads or should I pick up a new book? I really am in the mood for a spooky story but it is kinda late. Do I dare?