Book Date

I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a great time seeing my friend on Saturday for breakfast and later that afternoon my husband and I went out for a book date to a favorite little bakery shop near our house.

Here is my vanilla latte, chunky cookie and My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. My husband had his iPad with him and I think he was reading various magazines. We love going to the bookstore but the only problem with the bookstore is that I am usually looking at all the new things and this way I just focus on my books and/or magazines.

As for the novel, it’s wonderful. I am so intrigued by these young girls as they are entering their teen years and all the violence that is around them. It can be angry insults hurled at them from other kids, teachers or arguments they hear in the neighborhood. And, there is also physical violence that is present when they see adults fighting, among the kids or directed at them. Through it all though these girls are so strong. They don’t backdown from anyone and are fighters.

What a great way to spend the afternoon. Today I also did a bit of reading this afternoon but I was in bed and before I knew it I was napping. What can I say, it was gray outside and catching up on sleep seemed like a good thing. Let me know what you were up to and if you’ve read this book or more in the quartet.

Happiness Is…

Happy Friday everyone! I have a long list of “to-dos” so I thought I’d do a quick post of some things that are bringing me joy lately.

Warm, soft and comfy socks. I found these super soft pair at Kohl’s and they are perfect to wear with my booties.

Also while we were going through papers and re-arranging some items around the house last weekend I found my large cutting mat. I love this thing and can’t believe it was stored away with some other stuff. I have several cutting mats but this one is great as it covers quite a bit of space.

Stickers! I found these super cute mystery themed stickers and I can’t wait to start using them in my reading journal, planner, whatever. Aren’t they cute?

Speaking of crafting things, I know I recently mentioned drowning in paper but that didn’t stop me from buying several of the Michael’s Hot Buys paper packs and I also had a coupon so, yay for great bargains. Can’t wait to make more new journals.

Last but certainly not least, looking forward to breakfast at a favorite place with a dear friend this weekend.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Let me know what you are up to!

Close Enough to Touch

“One time, a boy kissed me and I almost died. I realize that can easily be dismissed as a melodramatic teenager-ism, said in a high-pitched voice bookended by squeals. But I’m not a teenager. And I mean it in the most literal sense.”

Close Enough to Touch
By Colleen Oakley
Published: August 2017
Source: Advance review copy

Jubilee Jenkins is allergic to people. Really allergic as in any contact can land her in a medical crisis and if she doesn’t receive attention she can die. So she’s alienated herself from most people including her mom. Unfortunately when her mother dies Jubilee has to find a way to earn a living and actually go out into the world she’s kept at bay for so long.

Luck is on her side when she runs into an acquaintance from high school and she helps Jubilee find a job at the library. While the world is a bit scary and Jubilee is now having to talk to strangers on a regular basis, little by little she finds herself adjusting to her new life. Sure people may stare at her in her gloves, which she uses to avoid human contact, but at least she’s making the effort.

Meanwhile someone else making an adjustment is Eric Keegan. He’s separated from his wife, his teen daughter won’t speak to him and he’s now the guardian of a little boy whose parents have died and who happens to want to amass powers like those of Magneto from the X-Men. Still Eric is hopeful that he just needs time to figure out how to get everything on track again but after he meets Jubilee at the library things will never be the same for these sweet characters.

Of course there are some scary moments before Eric finds out he cannot just reach out and touch Jubilee and lots of angst for both Jubilee and Eric as sometimes they just want to go back to the way things were but ultimately the pair proves that we all long for some connection. Whether it be the romantic kind or just to know that you have friends or family rooting for you.

There was one slight issue I had with the novel and that was with the ending but I don’t want to spoil this for anyone but if you are looking for a sweet, romantic novel give this one a chance.