When All The Girls Have Gone

“The killer waited patiently for the target to emerge from the cabin. There was no great rush, after all. The waiting allowed time to savor the prospect of revenge.”

Where All The Girls Have Gone
By Jayne Ann Krentz

Max Cutler is struggling to get his PI career off the ground so taking on a new case where the client doesn’t have a lot of money is probably does not make good business sense but a case is a case. What he didn’t count on was that he might have some help finding the killer.

For Charlotte Swayer this is personal. She knew the dead woman as it happens to be one of her sister’s friends. Charlotte’s sister, Jocelyn, is at a retreat but when Charlotte tries to get a hold of her and realizes that Jocelyn never checked in she knows something is very wrong. Charlotte is not a PI but she’s not going to be left out of the investigation and convinces Max that she can help him find her sister.

The two question Jocelyn’s friends and uncover that while the women had formed a financial club there was also another reason that drew them together and now the secrets of their pasts might be what gets them all killed.

Jayne Ann Krentz is a popular author of many romance novels and has won countless awards. While I didn’t feel like this differed much from her other books perhaps that is what keeps her readers coming back. The main characters are always relatable and likable. They are smart and just seem like normal people. I did wonder when I turned the last page if this was the beginning of a series because Max happens to have two other brothers he’s very close to and I could see them all coming together to help with other investigations. I know I would enjoy reading about these characters again.

Source: Advance review copy

Tuesday Intro

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Tuesday Intro so thought I’d join in this week. First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros is hosted by Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea. Here’s a snippet from one of the books I’m currently reading.

“This one evening – I’ll begin my store there – I found him sitting barefoot on the stairs, drinking the sherry, the butt of a cigar between his fingers. ‘Poor Eileen,’ he said sarcastically when I walked through the door. He was very contemptuous of me, found me pathetic and unattractive and had no qualms about saying so. If my daydreams from back then came true, one day I’d have found him splayed out at the bottom of the stairs, neck broken but still breathing. ‘It’s about time,’ I’d say with the most bored affect I could muster, peering over his dying body. So I loathed him, yes, but I was very dutiful. It was just the two of us in the house – Dad and me.”

From Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh.

How is that for an introduction to our characters? Eileen is a fascinating narrator. I read in one review that she was consumed by resentment and yes, I can see that and just as she is quite awful at times there is something pitiful about her.

I think I’m getting to a turning point in this novel so I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. What about you, what book are you reading?

Magazine Mania

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I ended up not having my family in town so that was a bummer but hopefully they’ll be able to come visit next month. I did get to see one of my dear friends on Friday though so we had a great time catching up over a delicious dinner followed by yummy coffee. Good times.

Today was pretty much spent with my mom watching Houseboat, news and a variety of other stuff. So despite wanting to catch up on my reading I didn’t make much progress and I may be in trouble because a ton of magazines have started to arrive.

I had forgotten that a couple of months ago I got a letter about some airline miles expiring and my husband and I chose a bunch of magazines and now I’m like what were we thinking? So we’ve got Health, Entertainment Weekly, Afar, Real Simple, Glamour, People and like I said, there are a bunch of others that are still on their way.

So I might be telling you about more stuff I find in magazines! I enjoy magazines but with so many I get the feeling I’m going to have a hard time keeping up with them. Good thing is that these are pretty easy to get through as it’s a lot of advertising and I can always take these to the office too and pass them around. Oh and I could use some of these for my art journaling now that I think about it.

So do you have a lot of magazine subscriptions? What are some of your favorites?