Lock The Door

“The doctor said to treat him like any other child. Easy for her to say. Some nights I feel like he’s made of glass, especially when I undress and bathe him before bed. As though he might shatter at any minute. Seven months old this Saturday.”

Lock The Door
By Jane Holland

Every feeding, outing and moment of baby Harry’s life is carefully planned since finding out that he has a medical condition that makes him susceptible to infections which can be deadly. For Meghan and Jon this means their relationship has endured a lot of stress but for one evening everything finally seems to be going well as they celebrate their anniversary with their friends.

While baby Harry is sleeping in his bedroom the couples are enjoying the evening, drinking and being in the garden not in the least worried about Harry until the parents find out that Harry is no longer in his crib and has disappeared.

Meghan is scared an angry and she knows that every minute Harry is away could be life or death for him. The police question the parents and friends but there are few clues. The police fear that this is a case of a serial kidnapper.

There is tension right from the start in wanting to know what is wrong with Harry to being suspicious of almost every character in the book. I especially liked the parts where Meghan feels like she sees Harry and almost questions her sanity. I can imagine how that could happen in such a stressful situation.

This was an easy read but don’t feel like you’ll be in for a complex mystery. There was a good buildup of suspense especially towards the end but I didn’t buy the “why”. I thought the explanation was a bit too far-fetched.

Source: Advance review copy

In The Studio

The weather was perfect this weekend for just staying indoors and tackling some projects. It wasn’t too cold but gray, foggy and sometimes rainy. So I decided to finally get my studio in order. Throughout the past year I’ve organized here and there but I think a lot of times that just meant clearing off my craft tables and not really doing a deep purge.

A couple of weeks ago I decided enough of the chaos.  I can’t find supplies, I forget about crafty items I’ve bought, etc. So I’ve been making some changes and organizing. To that end, I bought this great washi tape organizer. This organizer holds up to 160 washi tapes. I joked with my husband that I still have the entire bottom tray free so that means I need to buy more. Haha…

I’ve filed away my stencils and stickers. Now I need to put away papers, and I also want to get rid of magazines that I don’t need anymore. Oh so much more to do. I don’t think I’ll be done with this project for a while but at least I really do feel like I’m making progress even if my studio/library is a bit of mess right now.

Aside from that this weekend I’ve made more progress in The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine but I’ve been tempted by the latest issue of World Literature Today which arrived in my mailbox this weekend. What have you been reading today?

Currently Reading

My nightstand is overflowing with some really interesting reads lately. Unfortunately it’s been a bit of a busy week and I haven’t had a chance to spend as much time with my reads as I would like to but I did want to share a few notes on my current reads with you. So here they are:

Upstream by Mary Oliver. I started this book of essays on New Year’s day and have slowly read an essay or two here and there. These are like wonderful moments captured reminding us to be observant and to enjoy nature. I think it might rain quite a bit this weekend and I may have family in town but if things change and it’s a great day, then I want to go outside and look at trees and watch for surprises in nature.

The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen. As I mentioned earlier this week, this is my audiobook for the gym. So far this has been a great audio and easy to keep up with as there’s quite a bit of action. A dead body on the first paragraph, first page.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I carried over this book from last year. I am putting sticky notes all over and enjoying this one a lot.

Lock The Door by Jane Holland. A missing baby and a lot of suspects. I’m trying to read this one during my lunch break and so far I like  it. I have my suspicions so I’m looking forward to see if I am right.

The Woman Who Walked In Sunshine by Alexander McCall Smith. I just started this one the other night but it’s the one I will have to focus on this weekend as it’s my book group read and we meet next week. Despite not having kept up with the series I don’t feel left out. The characters are just as I remember them and I’m happy to see that things are still going well for Mma Ramotswe and her friends and family.

So that’s what’s on my nightstand. What are you reading? Hope you have a wonderful weekend and more book talk soon!