Reading Notes

paris13.pngIt’s time to wrap up the Paris In July challenge. I managed to write a couple of posts for the challenge and best of all I did read one book set in the City of Light. As I mentioned in my previous post Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris was sweet and I look forward to continuing with Mrs. Harris’s adventures another time as there are three more novellas featuring the dear Mrs. Harris.

I was hoping to finish another book set in Paris but I’m only about half-way through Le Chatelet Apprentice by Jean-François Parot. This book is about a young detective set in Paris in 1761. Here’s the Paris Nicolas encounters:

“The Paris he was returning to was one he had never seen before. Despite the weather and the lateness of the hour, a wave of madness was engulfing the whole city. He was straight away surrounded, jostled, overwhelmed and taunted by the groups of yelling revellers. Laughing beneath their masks, they cavorted around and got up to all sorts of mischief.”

You can just feel the excitement can’t you? I’ve read some mixed reviews of this book but I’m really enjoying it. I like the descriptions in particular so I look forward to seeing what happens with Nicolas Le Floch.

A big thank you to Tamara from Thyme For Tea and Karen from BookBath for hosting this very fun challenge.

As far as other reads go, I’m still reading Accidents Happen and The Rules of Engagement. I’ve been reading these books for ages! While I love having various books going on sometimes I do feel like I can’t make any progress. I would love to add another book to my mix but I think my reading goal is to finish at least one of these before I add another book.  Wish me luck!

Oh and last but not least, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for The Girl You Left Behind. I’m doing the drawing tomorrow!

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