All Grown Up

I’ve read two books recently about middle-aged women going through some life changes, making adjustments and basically taking stock of their lives. It’s funny, both protagonists are around 40 and I guess being that I recently turned that magic number perhaps these books struck a chord with me. Although, really, 40 is middle age? Goodness, I still feel like I’m 20 in a lot of ways.

Ah well back to the books, let me tell you about these because I want to recommend both and I do have a giveaway of one of the books so keep reading…

The first one is Of Men and their Mothers by Mameve Medwed. I’ve read one of her books before and as with it, this one was thoroughly enjoyable. Medwed creates credible characters with ordinary lives but still off-beat enough to make you smile and keep you entertained. This book is about Maisie Grey, a woman recently divorced who vows never to make the same mistakes as her former mother-in-law when it comes to her teenage son. But, we can all say we’d react one way and it’s not until a situation forces our hand that we will show our true colors. Here’s my full review and I hope you’ll check out this book.

The other book was a bit of a mixed-bag for me. The Ten-Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer focuses on a group of women who have put their careers on hold to raise their children and are now coming to terms with the consequences of their choices. I felt like Wolitzer was striving for a lot with this book and so some of the situations felt forced or out of place. Although I didn’t love the book I’m still glad I read it, and here’s my full review for more info.

Now for the giveaway, The Ten-Year Nap is an ARC but I know it’s a book that’s been talked about quite a bit. I’d love to pass it along so leave a comment if you are interested in it and I’ll do a drawing on Friday.

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