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Close Enough to Touch

“One time, a boy kissed me and I almost died. I realize that can easily be dismissed as a melodramatic teenager-ism, said in a high-pitched voice bookended by squeals. But I’m not a teenager. And I mean it in the most literal sense.” Close Enough to Touch By Colleen Oakley Published: August ...Read More

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Brr.. it’s cold today. We had a high of 29 but by Saturday we’re supposed to get to 70. Crazy right? So my dilemma of what to do about going to my book group or not as I hadn’t read the book was solved by our weather. The freezing temps and rain ...Read More

In the Studio

I hope you all had a great weekend. It was a lovely weekend with lots of sun here although according to the weather reports we’ll be seeing some very cold weather soon. I guess I don’t mind as that means I can spend more time in the studio without being distracted by ...Read More