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I picked up a library book recently that is just a visual feast. Botanica, published by Uppercase magazine is an encyclopedia of inspiration. It is a look at how artists, illustrators, photographers and other creatives use flowers as their subject matter. Whether it’s a still life photo or the base for a ...Read More

Ex Libris

I hope you guys had a great weekend. We had some rainy weather, found a great vegetarian restaurant and went to the Ex Libris group show at Flatbed Press. The show was about the modern interpretation of the bookplate. Well, I could not pass that up. The work we saw was really ...Read More

Mysteries On My Radar

Although I haven’t been to my mystery group in several months due to my HR certification course, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been adding a lot of new mysteries to my list. I figured I could use this post to mention some of them and you might find a couple to add ...Read More