Are there any zinesters out there? Or readers of zines? Zines are self-published writings on topics ranging from politics to personal accounts to social issues and anything in between.

I’ve only read a couple of zines but if I lived near Barnard College I would be in zine-land! They have 500+ zines which are catalogued in the Barnard library. I think this is a fantastic idea don’t you?

Recently I gave zines a try (with a lot of help from my husband) for a zine swap with an art & craft group I belong to. I sent mine in a couple of weeks ago and now I’m anxiously awaiting my trades.

The theme for my zine was Loteria. I wrote a bit about it’s history and how it’s played. Mainly, I wrote about my memories of playing loteria when I was a little girl and would spend every summer at my aunt’s house in Monterrey. Here’s a peek at what I sent it.

I’m really interested in zines at the moment. So if you have any suggestions on zines I need to check out let me know.