You are Brillant(e)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was so hectic and I really want to tell you about some books I’ve finished but I need to gather my thoughts on those first.

So, instead I want to say a big thank you to the very sweet Melody and Greer who recently passed on this award to me…


Of course it’d be easy to say I nominate my blog roll but the best part about awards is highlighting some people and hopefully introducing more wonderful blogs to one another. I am sure that’s how I have “discovered” some great new friends.

So I pass off the award to these wonderful bloggy friends:

  • Nancy from Bookfoolery and Babble – Just read one of her wahoo posts and I bet you, you’ll also be saying wahoo with her.
  • Chris from Book-a-rama – Her friday bookish buzz is a must read. I end up with a long list of links to check out.
  • Tanabata from In Spring it is the Dawn – I can’t get enough of her photos.
  • aka Nik from Keep This on the DL – Aside from her love of books she shares tales of life in Italy.
  • Jordan from Two-Legged Animal. She had been on hiatus from blogging but she’s back!
  • Joy from Thoughts of Joy. She runs some great reading challenges.
  • Tara from Books and Cooks. Her posts on cooking and farmer market finds make me want to cook and that’s something I don’t do. ha.

Back tomorrow with more book talk.

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