Wrapping Up

Well, I’m now very late to post anything on The Owl Service but If you want to read up on some fabulous reviews of this novel check out the Slaves of Golconda recent posts and of course visit the MetauxCafe forum to see what is being talked about.

I do want to give a big thank you to Ann for putting together a great list of books for us to choose from. While I didn’t enjoy the story very much because I found it confusing and I didn’t care for the characters, I’m still glad I read it. I think too, now that I’ve read so many other perspectives about it I’ve been able to make more sense out of it and what it was that bothered me about it.

Let’s see, I’m also wrapping up the Book to Movie Challenge which I didn’t get to finish but thank you to Callista for hosting it! I watched the movie Evening this summer and really enjoyed it and I thought the book was fabulous. I actually did read another book for this challenge but again just didn’t get around to mentioning it. I finished Shopgirl by Steve Martin a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was so well done and with a character I really felt a lot of sympathy for. The main character, Mirabelle, is described as an oddnik and one who replaces friends with books and television mysteries of the PBS kind. I did see the movie Shopgirl as well and definitely recommend it.

I still have some time before the Armchair Travel and the Outmoded Authors Challenges are over but that means I need to get with it. It doesn’t help that I see some new challenges out there in the blogosphere that I’m really excited about. Has everyone seen Dewey’s Graphic Novel challenge? Oh it’s good.

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