World Lit

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are all ready for the weekend. I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee and doing a bit of catching up with GoodReads and doing some serious catch up on my World Literature Today magazine reading. I’m behind by three issues. How did that happen? Of course the one downside of catching up on all those issues is that my reading list is going to get a bit longer.

Aside from that I’m wondering what to do about book group next week. We are reading The Preacher’s First Murder by K.P. Gresham but I tried starting it last night and couldn’t get into it. The mystery is set in rural Texas and I think that’s the problem. I typically don’t read a lot of books set in Texas because I already live here. I want to “see” other places through my reading. And, now that I’ve been catching up with the WLT magazine, my wish is to read about faraway lands and other voices. Does that make sense?

If I don’t read the book I will probably still go to the discussion and maybe I’ll find out I’m missing out on a good read.

Anyway what are your plans for the weekend? I’ve been doing a bit of crafting this week so I’ll do an update on some of my recent projects. I think a visit to some thrift stores might be in order this weekend and other than that, more reading. Hope you have a great weekend and more book talk soon!

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