Women’s Lives

I meant to post this last night but was having some internet issues. Bad internet. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier I finished two really good books lately and so here are the reviews.

sleepwalking.jpgFirst up is the advance reading copy I received for Sleepwalking In Daylight by Elizabeth Flock. This engaging story is about a wife and mother who feels lost in her life. That there is no more life plan for her but catering to her children’s needs. But it’s not just about her story it’s also about her teen daughter who is going through a difficult time as well.

“A day after the nothingness of our marriage is finally acknowledged, on Sunday night, I find myself in a bathroom stall at the deep-dish pizza place with my head against the cold metal stall, crying. Back outside, across from our table, there is a young couple trying bites of each other’s pizza and laughing at each other’s jokes and listening intently to the other’s stories. Did we used to be them? Now we are nothing, Bob and I.”

Don’t you just feel for her? I loved how the writer really brought Sam’s character to life. Sometimes she was rambling about thoughts and feelings and that just seemed very real to me. I really enjoyed this book and here’s my full review. I’d not read anything by Elizabeth Flock before but I’ll definitely be look for some of her other books. You can also find out more at the author’s website.

somebodydaughter.jpg Next up is the advanced review copy I received of Somebody Else’s Daughter by Elizabeth Brundage. This novel centers on the lives of some women, the secrets they keep and the secrets that are kept from them. In particular, there is young Willa who was given up for adoption as an infant and is now finding out more about herself and her adoptive family.

“Nate Gallagher woke in his Brooklyn apartment, his bedsheets soaked with sweat. She had come to him again in a dream, cradling a swaddled infant in her arms. He went to work that morning in a fog, riding the subway with the detached preoccupation of a condemned man.”

As there are several characters who are key to the story, it does seem to take a while to fully get into the narrative but still each character is interesting and you can’t help but wonder how all the secrets are going to be divulged and how it’s all going to play out in the end. Making this quite a suspenseful read. Here’s my full review and you can also find out more at the author’s website.

Now, I’m getting quite into the life of another fascinating woman, Juana la loca, via the historical novel The Last Queen by C.W. Gortner.

How about you, read any good women’s fiction lately?

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