Wishing & Hoping

The stag bells, winter snows, summer has gone
Wind high and cold, the sun low, short its course
The sea running high.
Deep red the bracken; its shape is lost;
The wild goose has raised its accustomed cry,
Cold has seized the birds’ wings;
Season of ice, this is my news.
– Irish poem, 9th Century

It’s that time of the year in North Texas, time for winter weather warnings! I watched the news this evening and honestly there is nothing about the world or local news. It’s all about the potential snow/ice/winter weather we may have by tomorrow morning.

So this evening, I’ll go to bed and hope that the weather folks come through for me because if the weather is bad in the morning, I won’t be able to drive in to work. And, that means a day to lounge and read.

Besides, I am working on a BIG project. I’m cataloguing my books. I’m addicted to Bookpedia so I’ve got hours of fun ahead of me.