Wisdom in a Box

Tonight I met with friends for a night of journaling. I love these gatherings. We get out crayons, gel pens, etc. and pour out our thoughts in our journals. What made me most excited about tonight though was that we were meeting at Paperbacks Plus. This is a fantastic used bookstore in Dallas.

I admit I don’t get out there very often because it’s a bit of a drive from my home but it’s a wonderful, messy collection of books. We had a great room upstairs reserved but the air condition wasn’t working and the heat was stifling so we had to leave our little nook and head out to a nearby Starbucks.

After settling down and talking about the Goddess within and all of that I am sure we caused some raised eyebrows among the other patrons. I don’t think the wisdom cards like these and these which we were using helped either. Seriously we just needed some incense to complete our new age look. Ha,ha….

Well, it was fun and better yet it reminded me to make time to go back to Paperbacks Plus for some serious browsing/buying. I promise I’ll report back on that.