Winding Down

Don’t you just love Friday evenings? Work is over for the week and the weekend stretches out before you with all kind of possibilities. I tend to focus on the fun stuff, like going to yoga, the movies, dinner with friends, and forget about the stuff that inevitably takes up most of my time – doing chores and running errands. Bleh.

For now I’ll just think about my wonderful evening. I just got back from the bookstore. I went to buy a children’s book for a gift and I was really trying not to look at the “buy 3 for 2 offers” or bargain books. I almost made it to the register but the magazines racks were too close and the new issue of Pages magazine hypnotized me and I had to have it (note to self: must subscribe).

So I’m home now. The husband is working on the computer and all is nice and quiet. I’ll climb in bed with my new magazine, my current books and notebook (to jot down all the new books I must get my hands on).

Hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.