Whining Ahead

Between lots of work, family visits, and a quick trip to Dallas, it’s been a busy and tiring two weeks. I’m kind of ready to hop back on a plane to Germany to recapture my vacation. I miss being around my blog and all of you but it has been a bit stressful around here lately.

Are things changing? Well, this weekend I finally have a free weekend. I won’t have to go to the office (keeping my fingers crossed) so that’s a start!

It hasn’t all been that bad but I needed to vent a bit so hope you don’t mind. The good stuff is that I did go to the Texas Book Festival and heard Amitav Ghosh talk about his new book, River of Smoke, I met up with my mystery book group last week and we had a lively discussion on The Man From Beijing and I just found out there’s a new used bookstore in town that I have to discover. Yay.

So, here’s hoping this blog finally starts to see some regular posts! Thank you lovelies!

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