Which One Next

Despite having shelves and shelves of unread books, sometimes I’m actually stuck as to which book to read next. Something serious, something light, not sure but yet I cannot be without a book so what to do.

To the rescue here are some fun sites:

Whichbook – My dear friend Shutterbabe referred me to this site. It’s great for when you know what you are in the mood for but not sure which book fits the bill. Whichbook lets you select three categories and then lists several books that closely match your book requirements.

The recommendations I got were Nectar by Lily Prior and Ralph’s Party by Lisa Jewell among several others. It was right on. I’ve read both of those books and can say they are exactly the types of books I’m in the mood for right now.

Poetry MoodMatcher – This is from the Guardian Unlimited. Kind of like the whichbook site, this one helps you figure out which poet’s works you should read next. I was recommended Thomas Hardy.

Austen Quiz – And, this one just because who doesn’t want to know which Jane Austen heroine they are most like. I’m Elizabeth Bennet.