What I’m Reading Now

Has everyone seen that Anne Enright won the Man Booker Prize for her book The Gathering? I almost bought that when I was in Germany. Darn. Oh well it’s not like I don’t have plenty of books to keep me busy.

For example, here are my current reads:

The Spanish Bow by Andromeda Romano-Lax. I’m “this” close to finishing the story, maybe even tonight. I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far and oddly enough it’s also motivated me to get back to Don Quixote. The tale of the errant knight comes up quite a few times in this book, for example here’s one paragraph:

“It was just like a foreigner to mention Quixote. People who couldn’t or didn’t read seemed to think Quixote was an honorable, happy-go-lucky dreamer. They didn’t realize how savage the tale was – full of violence, ridicule, and humiliation. Quixote’s story didn’t encourage romance or chivalry; it convinced the reader that Spain’s chivalric age was over.”

Interesting don’t you think? I know I have been surprised by the violence.

My other book is a mystery, The Way of the Traitor by Laura Joh Rowland. This is the third book in the Sano Ichiro series which is set in 17th-century Japan. Last year I read the first two books and really liked them so it’s nice to go back to the series and see what the samurai detective is up to this time around.

Also tonight I’m catching up on my latest issue of Yoga Journal, in particular the article on three practices for calm, energy and focus. Ahem, I could use some of that so I better read carefully. Especially because I just found out that my yoga class is only going to be offered for 30 minutes instead of an hour for the next six weeks. What a bummer.

Ah well, off to read because I have some new books I really want to start soon but I’m trying to finish one of my books first.

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