What I Like

I didn’t go to work today so it made for a nice, long weekend. I hung out with my mom, enjoyed lots of reading time and was a wee bit lazy, okay maybe a lot. Anyway, here are some other things I enjoyed this weekend.

  • Reading your comments on my poem. Thank you every one. That meant a lot.
  • The Betty Boop pen and pencil set I bought at Target. I love Betty Boop stuff.
  • Finding a new bookstore. There is a nice little bookstore in Dallas, Book Mark, which sells new and used books. They mainly have romances and mysteries but the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Unfortunately they don’t have a web site but if you are in Dallas and want to go visit let me know and I’ll send you their info. Oh and they also have quite an array of one-of-a-kind gift items and cards.
  • Receiving mail from my best friend, Christine. She sent me goodies such as a copy of Mslexia magazine, tea, granola mix and CDs. Ah, she knows me too well.
  • Finishing two books over the weekend…. Reviews to follow soon.

Now I am off to go catch up on my blog reading.