What I Learned

I went to my creative writing class tonight, and our first assignment is to be more observant. We have to write down bits of dialogue, set a scene, describe a person, etc. from our daily life.

Immediately I put my keen powers of observation to use and here’s what I learned in class:

  • Everyone wants to be a writer – a published writer.
  • Bring pen & paper – why half of the class didn’t think it was necessary to bring these items to a writing class is beyond me.
  • Don’t read books in class – guy in the back, put down The Lord of the Rings. The focus is short stories.
  • There will always be class clowns – these guys are still not funny.
  • I realize I will scream if someone else states their favorite book is The Da Vinci Code.

Yep, I think we are off to a great start.