What I Did

Even though I had three days off in a row it seems like the weekend just flew by. I’m ran a lot of errands and luckily got all of my supplies for my jewelry class:

I have no idea how any of this will be used but I’m sure it’ll be fun learning. I am so grateful for the salesperson at the shop where I got these because I basically just gave her my supply list and she got everything for me. Friday I also went to OK Paper Center to get some paper for my journals and I found out that my favorite paper for the pages of my beaded journals is now discontinued! Oh no…. I did get the last two reams of paper, and I know there is another brand which is very comparable and I’ve actually used it too but don’t you just hate it when stuff like that happens?

Anyway I did get to do a lot of yoga this weekend which was so nice. Saturday it was raining a lot and in a way that made my yoga class even better, what with the sound of the rain, the gong and bowls it created such a cozy atmosphere in the studio.

We met up with friends for a delicious brunch today and afterwards I also had a chance to peek in at BookPeople to grab the latest issue of BookPage. I found out that author, Lisa See, will be at BookPeople at the end of the month. Must put that on my calendar.

Last but not least I did stop in briefly at Half Price Books and unfortunately didn’t put my coupon to good use. I couldn’t find anything that I had to have. Oh well, sometimes that happens. I keep telling you I’m going to do a post on all of the books that have arrived at Casa Bookgirl in the past couple of weeks and hopefully I’ll have that for you this week. Now off to finish reading BookPage.

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