Well, Hello!

I think the Summer blogging slump has finally hit me. I’m reading so at least it’s not a reading slump but I feel like a bunch of other things are taking top priority right now and I haven’t had much of a chance or energy to blog and blog visit. I miss it but I am also a firm believer in taking taking my time and not forcing anything. If I do it starts to feel like a chore and I think I’ve told you guys I’m not very good at chores.

What is going with me? Just work, family stuff and thinking about vacation (which is coming up). I am trying hard not to just look forward to vacation but also be mindful of the good stuff that is going on around me amidst all the busyness, like reconnecting with a friend. I think I mentioned that a while back and I am going to see her again later this week. That’s like three times in one month. Yay.

But this is a book blog and you guys must be wondering what bookish news I have right? I have to tell you about a bunch of books that have arrived recently but I’ll try to post on that tomorrow. I told you I really liked Intuition and that sort of led me to pick up another science/medical book, Oxygen by Carol Casella, which has been really good too.

Today I sort of lost track though reading through Scrapbooking & Beyond magazine. More than anything I want some of the nifty products featured. Oh I just love colorful paper.

So that’s the scoop with me. I hope you guys are having a good week and are reading lots of good things. More to come…

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