Welcome Fall

Well so much for the rain last week as it’s been hot all week (upper 90s) and I just read a weather forecast for October and it’s supposed to be unseasonably warm. That’s it, I’m moving! Ok, enough of the dramatics. While we may not have noticeable season changes here in Austin, this time of the year is quite exciting.

The weather does turn a bit cooler so we can go back outside to the state parks for hikes or just to hang out in nature. We have several fun events in town that happen in the fall such as the Texas Book Festival, which just posted their author line up. Not to mention there are several opportunities to explore art in the city.

Of course there’s no shortage of fall reads and reading challenges! So much fun to look forward to as we welcome the last several months of the year.

Now, when it comes to reading goals, this is the big push to meet some of my personal reading goals. So far it’s been a really good reading year. Some months have been better than others as usual and there have been some surprises in my reading such as being more interested in nonfiction reads. I can’t wait to see which books I discover this season and if any of them will end up on my favorites of the year list.

I wish you all a wonderful season. I actually get to celebrate the start of fall by catching up with one of my best friends this weekend. Can’t wait. Have a great weekend and more book talk soon!

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