Bookfool tagged me to name six weird things about me and I’ve had to think really hard about this one – yea, right. So prepare yourself.

1. I love to listen to music in the car but if anyone is riding with me I turn off the radio. I want to hear the other person and I can’t stand to talk over music.

2. I can’t remember phone numbers not even my own cell phone number but I can remember my library card number which is 14 digits.

3. I refuse to celebrate my birthday earlier than the actual date. I don’t mind if it’s long after the fact but I prefer later rather than earlier. You can’t celebrate something that hasn’t happened yet.

4. I can’t eat ice cream in the wintertime or soups in the summertime. Ice cream is meant for hot weather and soups for cold weather enjoyment.

5. I’ve never had a pet. It seems everyone I know has pets or had them. I like animals but I’m allergic to cats and dogs seem like a lot of work.

6. Despite being a packrat (I hoard books, paper, letters, etc.) I have no problem getting rid of clothes and accessories. If I haven’t worn a certain piece of clothing for more than a year, out it goes.

I won’t tag anyone as I’m being a bit lazy but hope some of you will also post this one.

And just to keep this somewhat book related you won’t believe this but I’m thinking of doing the Chunkster Challenge. Am I insane? Well a bit book mad but Bookfool has made this one so simple. If you haven’t already read the details check them out here.