Weekly Geeks: On Classics

wg.jpgI’ve been meaning to participate in Weekly Geeks but you know how it goes sometimes, by the time you think up of a post it’s time to move on to another one. But, I couldn’t pass up the post this week as it’s on a subject I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately — the Classics.

You can see all the details of the assignment here. I’ll answer the first question and then I’ll modify the second question to fit something I’ve been thinking of. First, I’ll tell you that while I’m not necessarily intimidated by the classics unfortunately they aren’t my go-to choice for reading either. Every year I say I want to read more but I don’t quite meet my goals and I’ll be lucky to at least get one book in. In the past couple of years I’ve read Great Expectations and Emma and sadly I think that’s it.

But, recently I’ve been contemplating the idea of doing my own personal challenge. I know there are reading challenges that are covering the classics and those sound really great but I kind of want to keep this just for myself. Well, and with the help of Michael Dirda’s book Classics for Pleasure. Yes, as I’ve been skimming this book that’s what’s got me thinking about the classics and I think having this book as a guide will be helpful. I already know that I’d love to discover Eudora Welty, Henry James, Anton Chekov, oh so many more. So, I don’t know how many books I’ll try to strive for but hopefully more than one.

I debated whether to post this or not because what if I don’t read any at classics at all this year? Well, that won’t be good but nothing will happen and all those classics will still be there waiting for me. But, on the other hand, by having put this out there perhaps that helps make me more accountable to myself.

And, as if I needed any additional encouragement Barnes & Nobles has their Classics Series on sale! I love these editions and have bought a couple. I guess now is the perfect time to go look for some new ones to stock up my shelves.

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