Weekly Geeks: Hobbies

wg.jpgThe latest Weekly Geeks prompt is to talk about what other hobbies we are passionate about. Well, you know I’m all about making books. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy other hobbies, actually that’s sometimes my problem because I love taking classes to learn new things but in the past couple of years bookbinding has really been my main creative outlet.

I won’t show you any new books this time but instead I thought I’d invite you to see a glimpse of my workspace. Here is where books are made:


I have a lot of natural light that comes through the window so I love that. As we live in an apartment I don’t really want to decorate too much but I had to put up my beautiful calendar from Tanabata and a poster of BookForum.

Normally, the paper cutter is not on my table but I wanted to show that to you because this thing saves me so much time. From right to left… The first thing is the cassette holder rack. I’m so glad I hung on to that because I now use it to hold my ink pads for when I do rubber stamping. On top of that I have some spray bottles, paint bottles and a variety of glues… glitter glue, glue for fabric, etc. But, the bottles on the table are the best glue ever – PVA, specifically for bookbinders as it is archival.

You can’t tell in the picture but behind the paper cutter I have a book cradle for when I need to punch the sewing holes in the paper. On top of it are books in progress and one of my journals to record my bookmaking. Next to it, I know you can’t tell but I have a bunch of decorative paper, beads and embroidery floss ready for my next batch of books. The next few days I’ll be spending a lot of time at my table.

Moving over you see box with lots of little drawers. That’s where I keep needles, buttons, stickers, eyelets, anything else. Next to it are a bunch of empty yoghurt cups & lids. Why you ask? Those are perfect to use for when I want to thin out some PVA with water and if any is left over after a project I just use a lid and save the rest for later.

Finally there’s a spin tray which holds my bone folders, scissors, knife, X-acto knife, pens, awls, etc.

In case you are wondering what else is in the room? Well next to me is my husband’s art table where he draws or does his calligraphy and then a wall of bookshelves filled with art and design books. Behind our tables are yet two more tables where we do our cutting, lay out papers, press books, etc. See why we really need a studio? Ha.

Anyway, I know the picture isn’t the best but I hope you enjoyed the little tour!

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