Weekly Geeks – Catch Up

wg4.jpgThis week’s Weekly Geeks theme is to catch up on… something. I feel like lately I’m always catching up so this week’s theme fits me perfectly.

First I want to catch up on an award that was given to me by Mrs. B of The Insatiable Reader and Nicole from Book Escape. They shared with me the “I Love Your Blog” award (thank you ladies!) and now the best part is that I get to share this with some of my favorite bloggers.

I present this to:

love+your+blog.jpgDanielle of A Work in Progress
Isabel of Books and Other Stuff
Melody of Melody’s Reading Corner
Stephanie of Stephanie’s Written Word
Gentle Reader of Shelf Life
Ann of Table Talk
Andi of Tripping Toward Lucidity

Now, what else am I going to catch up on this week? Well, bloghopping has become something I have to catch up on a constant basis. I’m not alone in that right?

Next up on my list is that I hope to catch up on book reviews. I’ve read my two books for Carl’s R.I.P. challenge (they were so good) and am actually trying to finish up another. I also want to post two reviews for a giveaway I’m hosting at the end of this week so please be sure to drop in and enter the giveaway. I’ll give you a hint, if you love historical fiction you won’t want to miss this.

Finally, I just want to catch up on my reading. I’ve got piles of books I can’t wait to read. One which I haven’t started is Ruth Hall by Fanny Fern. This is the next book for the Slaves of Golconda discussion and I get the feeling I’m going to be super late to that discussion. Oh man, I need a 48 hour day, don’t you?

Alright, off to get started on those piles of books.

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