Weekend Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Did you do some fun stuff? Read some good books?

Mine was quite nice as I even made it to the bookstore twice. We grabbed books, magazines and made ourselves at home with drinks and munchies too. My husband bought books on photography and I just added a lot of books to my list. I was tempted to buy several magazines and I didn’t but I’m sure I’ll go back and get some.

I was hoping to finish a book this weekend but my reading is going very slowly. I haven’t started any new books because I’ve had several lingering on my nightstand but I actually need to just give up on some. So a post on my DNF books to come. I think once I clear off my nightstand I will feel excited about starting some new books. Having these lingering on there are is sort of putting me in a reading slump.

What else did I do? Spent time with my mom, did yoga, and oh yes, I signed up to share booth space at the EAST Austin Studio Tour coming up in November. I’m so excited, scared and feeling a bit of everything else in between. This will be the first time I’m doing something like this so I can’t wait. Of course this means, no more slacking off on crafty time.

Now, though I’m going to get back to my book and try to forget that tomorrow is Monday.

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