Weekend Update

One of the joys this weekend has been looking out into our garden and watching our rock roses bloom. We have three of these bushes around the backyard. I just hope they continue to do well as it looks like summer temperatures are now here.

I did a lot of running around on and lots of chores around the house but I was happy to make it to the gym this morning and I even got a chance to do a home pedi so I can wear my sandals all week. Good-bye closed-toed shoes until winter. Ha.

My husband was pretty much busy all weekend with some co-workers who were in town from out of the country so no bookstore date night but we’ll just have to look forward to that next weekend.

As far as reading goes, I’m sad to say not a lot got done this weekend because I was spending a lot of extra time with my mom. I did manage to start yet another book so I’m currently juggling six books (I think) and I don’t seem to be near the end of a single one. Oh and don’t even get me started on my magazine stacks. Yikes. How do these multiply so quickly?

So that’s the latest. Now I’m going to enjoy a fig and almond butter smoothie for dinner and try to get a bit of reading done. This week is going to be another hectic one at work so here’s to enjoying the most of this Sunday evening. Tell me what you were up to this weekend.

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