Weekend To Do

Sometimes the thought of writing out my to do list sends me into a panic. There are too many errands to run and things to take care of, but this time around my to do list will include things I’m looking forward to doing this weekend.

Here it is:

  • Celebrating a friend’s birthday.
  • Working on a new bookbinding project.
  • Eating the fresh figs I bought at Whole Foods Market this week. I haven’t had figs in years. They remind me of sunny Mexican summers.
  • Reading Pages Magazine from cover to cover. For those of you in a reading slump, I highly recommend this magazine. You are bound to find a book you’ll be interested in reading. Trust me.
  • Browsing around in the Stamp Asylum.
  • Planning a trip to Boston. I’m going there next weekend. Tell me what I definitely shouldn’t miss.

I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend.