Weekend Review

We had a great time at the gallery reception on Friday. Thank you guys for leaving such nice comments on my husband’s calligraphy work. He enjoyed reading those. He won honorable mention at the show so that was quite nice.

Saturday I finally got to see my best friend Christine! She’s been gone for way too long, and it’s fantastic to have her back. A bunch of friends got together for dinner and drinks at a yummy Tex-Mex restaurant to welcome her back to Dallas. Many margaritas were consumed and lots of laughter was shared.

On the reading front, I finished Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben for my Mystery book group. I was definitely in the minority as most of the members liked the book and I didn’t. But, I would consider reading some of his stand-alone novels as I’ve heard those are quite different.

Tonight I’ll be starting Janet Evanovich’s Eleven On Top. I just got it from the library, and being that there are like a million holds on this one I better read it soon. I just hope Stephanie Plum doesn’t blow up any cars in this one.