Weekend Recap

I can’t believe the weekend is over but it was a good one. I did a bit of crafting on Saturday even after a little craft fiasco when I spilled an entire tube of little beads all over the table and floor. Somehow though I look over at my table now where I do my sewing and I still see lots more to do. Next weekend I guess.

We went to the bookstore on Friday for our regular date night and I read a couple of magazines. One I’m still thinking of is Artful Blogging because in the Letter from the Editor the editor she mentions that she doesn’t journal much anymore now that she has a blog. I find that very curious. I can’t imagine not keeping my journal. I mean, I love my blog and love talking about a bookish life but there are just so many things that I want to document but for myself. Anyway, that was interesting but it did make me think in general if people are really turning away from their journals to their blogs or other social media. What do you think?

bookpeopleNormally we just go once to the bookstore on the weekend but this time we also went to BookPeople on Saturday and I’m so glad we did because I found their January and February newsletters so I can keep up with any author happenings. And, I was super excited that they also had BookPage. I hadn’t seen this in the bookstore the last few times I was there so, yay. I even found a December issue and of course I took it too.

I browsed the shelves a bit and I wrote down so many titles I want to look into later. I’ll have to share those with you another time because these books sound good. I noticed they also have a small section just for short story anthologies. So cool. I hadn’t seen that before. Oh I just love this store. Always so many interesting things for example I even found some fun tissue paper.

You are probably wondering why I’m so excited about tissue paper but as you can imagine, I use this for crafting! I can use it in my art journaling as a background. I promise to do a show & tell when I get around to using it.

So that’s my weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours too!

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