Weekend Recap

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the weekend. I don’t think I did as much as I had planned and my bookbinding plans were pretty much thrown out the window but it was a very good weekend anyway. We started off Saturday with a bike ride to a local coffee shop. I have a new bike! So excited for my new comfy bike. The plan was to do another bike ride on Sunday but we’ve been having a lot of rain so another day.

I do have a bit of bookbinding news and that is that you can now also find my journals at Artisans Connect Gallery, in Georgetown. I am looking forward to visiting the new Georgetown Art Center in the next coming weeks. I’ll take some pictures and report back.

HPBooksIn book news, I finished Dracula. Loved it. I’ll put more thoughts on it later for it’s own post. As Alice Munro was just awarded the Noble Prize in literature I thought I’d go to Half Price Books for a bit of a browse and see if I could find any of her books. No luck in finding any of her books which I hope means a lot of people have been looking for them but I found a couple of books I had to have.

I bought When I Whistle by Shusaku Endo. I have not read anything for the Japanese literature reading challenge and although I have some books to choose from this one sounded very interesting.

My second book was Thornyhold by Mary Stewart. I’ve seen her books mentioned by many of you and I thought it’d be fun to discover her.

So that’s the news around here. I have a super busy week at work and a dear friend is in town this week so my postings may be a bit hit or miss this week but we’ll see. Hope you have a great week ahead!

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