Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? I hope you all had a great one. I’ve been catching up on a couple of chores and even ventured out to look for some garden stuff but with not a lot of luck. Then again, we’re supposed to have quite a bit of rain this next week so we may not be out doing much in the garden anyway.

Other than that we watched Nomadland which several of you have recommended. We enjoyed it but it certainly left me very curious about the book it was based off of because I feel like there was probably a lot more we didn’t see. One scene which to me was so sad was when one of the women says that she has to find jobs because although she’s worked all of her life her social security benefits would only be around $500 a month. To think that for so many this is a reality is heartbreaking. Anyway, will have to read the book for sure.

In reading news I did finish Fresh Water for Flowers and parts were really lovely but there were a few things that bothered me too. I’ll have to do a full recap later. I realize also that I have not had a chance to start a book for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month month. In case you are need some suggestions here’s a Must-Read list.

Looking forward to the summer I know several of you are participating in 20 Book of Summerร‚ย and I think you guys have tempted me to join in so I’ll have my list in my next post.

The other thing I need to tackle soon is this magazine stack! I love magazines but I need to go through these and either clip out any interesting articles or cool pictures (for collage purposes) or donate them to the library for others to enjoy. Actually, I’m not sure if my library is accepting still accepting magazine donations but I need to make some room on my shelves for sure.

That’s it around here. How was your weekend? Did you watch any good movies or finish a good book?

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