Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a great weekend. One of the highlights of my weekend was going to my restorative yoga class. It was such a great class because right when we were starting to get settled and do some OMs, thunder was rumbling outside and rain was starting to fall. The room was all softly lit and it was just such a wonderful experience.

Other than yoga, I also did a bit of paper crafting, read and test rode a new bike! More on that soon.

librarybooksThe other thing was to renew my library card. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been on a library ban but well, once I walked through the doors there was no way I was going leave without browsing the shelves.

Here are the books I had to check out:

Claudia Silver to the Rescue by Kathy Ebel. From the dust jacket: Estranged from her bohemian Brooklyn family and fired for an impropriety at work, Claudia Silver is officially in over her head.

The Healer by Antti Tuomainen. This is a dystopian climate thriller which was selected Best Finnish crime novel of 2011. As much as I enjoy Scandinavian fiction I don’t often read books set in Finland so I’m excited about this one.

The Tale of Raw Head & Bloody Bones by  Jack Wolff. With a title and cover art like that and the R.I.P. challenge underway how could I resist?

I am Venus by Barbara Mujica. From the dust jacket: A historical novel that reimagines the dramatic life and loves of the Baroque Spanish painter Diego Velazquez.

Don’t these sound good? I have missed going to the library of course but every once in a while I go on bans so I will read more books from my shelves. Anyway, I’m looking forward to these so let me know if you’ve read any of these and what you thought.

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