Weekend Recap

The weekend has flown by and I feel like I didn’t accomplish much. Saturday I decided to sort of get my studio ready for some major bookbinding as this time of the year starts my “busy” season and I realized I was out of some of my favorite papers and a couple of other supplies.

birdsandflowersSo, today I ran to Paper Source to stock up on the birds print and I found another floral print I quite liked. They have such gorgeous papers there that I wish I could take a sheet of each.

Anyway, I guess this week I’ll be running to some of the craft stores as well to get a few other supplies that I still need.

What else, well our weekly outing to the bookstore was not as fun given that they had the A/C on full blast and the coffee machine was broken! So we didn’t stay too long although I did grab the latest edition of Art Journaling magazine – yay.

Last but not least I’ve been thinking about Carl’s R.I.P. Challenge. I know I’m kind of behind but I’ve participated in this every year I think so I can’t pass up on it. So tonight I’m planning to spend sometime looking through my bookshelves and putting together a list of spooky books. I’m still not sure which Peril I’ll participate in and given that I’m late to the game I’ll probably go for Peril 2 or Peril 3 but I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

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