Weekend Recap

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope you all had a great weekend. I didn’t do too much because frankly the thought of going out in the heat was just not appealing. We did go to Barnes & Noble for a little while on Saturday and that was a nice break. I only bought a magazine for my mom even though I was tempted by some new books.

And, can I just say I’m kind of surprised the coloring book craze is still going strong. Upon entering B&N there were all kinds of new coloring books out on display. I haven’t made a lot more progress in mine so even though some look fun I feel like I need to at least get half way through mine.

Anyway, I finished reading People Who Knew Me and that was really good even if it left me a bit sad. I still have my other books in progress but tonight I need to pick up The Shanghai Factor as that’s for my mystery book group in a week and I’m trying not to fall behind.

randomI haven’t forgotten that I have a little giveaway to announce. Thanks to Random.org Jenclair gets my extra copy of My Name is Leon by Kit De Waal. Yay!

Now something to look forward to is the Texas Book Festival happening in November. I saw that a sneak peek of the authors who’ll be speaking has been posted. I do love Fall here in Austin. Not only do we have the book festival but we also have a big art studio tour in November.

Hope you all have a great week ahead. Now off to read!

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