Weekend Reading

I’m nearing the end of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but I already have a couple of books lined up ready to read after I finish it (hopefully tonight).

missingink.jpgThe Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson is one of the books on my nightstand. With this book, Karen introduces readers to a new sleuth, Brett Kavanaugh. Brett is a tattoo artist and owner of the Painted Lady, catering to high-profile clients in Las Vegas. But in her free time she does a little investigating too, because murder really gets under her skin…

After having read all of Karen’s Annie Seymour mysteries, I am eager to start this one. I can’t wait to see what Brett will be like. Even better, Karen is going to be stopping by my blog later in the week with a guest post so stay tuned!

holdlovestrong.jpg The other book I would like to start over the weekend is Hold Love Strong by Matthew Aaron Goodman. Read how it begins and tell me you aren’t hooked:

“The first pain came at noon but she didn’t tell anybody about it. My mother was thirteen and she went about the afternoon being every part of such a precarious age. She watched TV. She popped pimples and she studied her face in the bathroom mirror. She listened to the radio, sang along with songs, and laughed along with the afternoon DJs. She wrote in her diary. I still can’t Believe! I’m pregnant.”

I also have the latest BookPage waiting for me so I think I’m set for some great reading this weekend. How about you?

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