Weekend Reading

I finished Come Closer practically in one sitting. It was quick, spooky and very enjoyable. I hadn’t read as creepy a tale as that one in quite a while. Of course it doesn’t help that at one point while I was reading about the noises the main character is hearing, I also heard some odd creaks in my house. Yikes. We really need to have that foundation looked at.

Anyway, after that quick read I picked up, Under the Dragon’s Tail, the second book in the Inspector Murdoch series by Maureen Jennings and finished it in one day. Even better than the first. I promise to have more detailed reviews later on both books but right now it’s getting late and I need to catch up on some missed sleep.

Although, rather than going to sleep I am tempted to do some book shopping on Amazon. While I was spending some time with my mom this evening, my husband decided to order some books and he didn’t wait to see if I wanted to order a book. The nerve. I don’t think I should stand for this right? hee,hee. So I may just have to get back by placing my own little order.

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