Weekend Indulgences

Where have I been? Oh just reading a lot. I stayed away from the computer as much as possible for the last several days and caught up on some reading and sleep. I took naps, went to see Thank You for Smoking and even sat down to watch Bailando Por un Sueño with my mom and grandma.

I read The Summer House by Christobel Kent. This is the third book by Christobel Kent that I’ve read and I realize I’ve come to rely on her books when I am looking for a good read. Even though hers are always set in Italy they remind me a lot of Carol Goodman’s books. Ms. Goodman also uses the same setting in every book, for her it’s the Northeast, and relies on similar situations in every book – heroines at a crossroads.

Perhaps it may sound a bit boring to some as to why read a book that always has the same setting or situations. I mean, didn’t I complain about this being my big problem with Chick Lit? Well, the big difference is that these authors know how to tell a story. Sure they may rely on some of the same formulas they employ in their other books but they know how to keep this reader reading.

For now I’m heading over to my stacks. I wonder what book I’ll pick out next.