Weekend Adventures

I have got to tell you a funny thing that happened to me the other day. So it’s late on Saturday and I’m browsing Amazon and I realize that there’s a new book in the Victoria Thompson Gaslight series and I’m like yes, I want it! I was all excited and wasn’t paying attention to the date of the release because at that point I realize my Kindle was almost out of power. Of course I couldn’t find the cord, I’m trying not to make too much noise because the house is all quiet now, and finally about a good 20 minutes later I finally realize the book isn’t even out yet!

Well, all I can say is I have pre-ordered my book and my Kindle is fully charged now. Ha.

We had a really great weekend and even though there were tons of fun events around town we tried to do some stuff around the house. I finally switched to Feedly. Thank you for the input you guys. I’m still getting used to is so please bear with me while I get all updated!

I worked on some art jouranling, which is so much fun. My craft table is a constant craft chaos so please excuse the mess. Here’s some of what I worked on:


And, we did go to the bookstore of course. I used my coupon for Midwinter Blood by Mons Kallentoft. You know how much I enjoy those Scandinavian crime novels. I also took note of some other books that sounded really good (had a hard time choosing a book and I almost left without one!) but I’ll tell you about those books in another post.

Now I’m off to enjoy a few more weekend hours before the work week starts again. What did you do this weekend?

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