We Run the Tides

“We are thirteen, almost fourteen, and these streets of Sea Cliff are ours. We walk these streets to our school perched high over the Pacific and we run these streets to the beaches, which are cold, windswept, full of fishermen and freaks. We know these wide streets and how they slope, how they curve toward the shore, and we know their houses.”

We Run the Tides
By Vendela Vida
Source: Advance review copy

Four girlfriends feel like they are on top of the world in San Francisco during the 1980s. They talk about boys, plans for the future and any other thing that is so important when one is 13-years-old.

Eulabee and Maria Fabiola are the main characters but it is clear from the beginning that Maria Fabiola is the Queen Bee. She is the one that captures everyone’s attention is she is the one who will tell a story one day which Eulabee doesn’t backup. The events lead to a rift among the friends with Eulabee being cast out of the group.

Despite not being part of the inner group any longer, Eulabee is still concerned with what Maria Fabiola is doing and another event calls into question Maria Fabiola’s narrative of events. Eulabee tries to get to the truth. It’s clear she misses her friends but she’s also trying to understand what is happening and why.

I mentioned before that part of why I liked this book so much is for the sense of time and place. As a child of the 80s I could clearly imagine what these teens looked like. The author presents the characters in a way that they seem wise beyond their years. Perhaps if there is one thing that I could have done without was the very last part which takes place many years later on but still that didn’t diminish my great enjoyment of this coming-of-age story.

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