Waiting For Me

Remember I had mentioned I ordered some books from Amazon.de? Well here’s what I had waiting for me.

  • The Editor’s Wife by Clare Chambers. I first heard of this author from Danielle and am so glad I finally read one of her books, and definitely won’t be the last. This is exactly the type of “women’s fiction” I like. It’s smart and engaging.
  • Villa Serena by Domenica De Rosa. Never read anything by this author but I do love an Italian setting so thought this might be fun.
  • Made In Heaven by Adele Geras. I’m pretty sure this is another author I’ve heard of via book blogs so I’m looking forward to this one.
  • Reading In Bed by Sue Gee. The title would have hooked me in by itself but I have read a couple of Gee’s books and have found them enjoyable so I was happy to add this one to my stack.
  • More Than Love Letters by Rosy Thornton. I read her book, Hearts and Minds, last year and loved it. I hope this one will be just as good. Actually for some reason I ended up with two copies of this book so when I’m back home I promise to do a giveaway and share my other copy.

Of course, those books and the ones I brought are best enjoyed with some cake.
I have such a sweet tooth and being here with so many bakeries nearby is dangerous. I love all the goodies. After I enjoy my Bienenstich cake (almond & honey cream cake) and my books, I’m heading out for a nice, long walk today.

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