Venturing Out

This week hasn’t been like the vacations we normally take but we are finally venturing out a bit more now that we are vaccinated and had some extra days off this week. It feels so nice to be out again but it’s funny because we almost feel like we are tourists in our own city again. We headed downtown for a bit of a wander and I know there is always some new building going up but given that we haven’t been downtown in a year, we can really see some of the changes.

We walked around the Seaholm District taking pictures of some art installations, taking note of restaurants we want to try later and enjoying some of the nature nearby like the Shoal Creek Trail. We’ve gone biking on that trail before but I think they’ve built out even more parts of it so we’ll have to do that again one of these days.

Finally, it was 10 a.m. and time to go to our destination, the Central Library. It’s been more than a year since I’ve been to the library and it felt so good to visit. I typically go to a branch closer to my house but as we were downtown we had to visit this one. Our first stop was at the CookBook Bar & Cafe to get some coffee and treats which we took to the sixth floor of the library which is the rooftop garden area. I had a book with me so I enjoyed reading and hanging out at such a great place.

Believe it or not, I didn’t borrow any books but my goal was to find out what was wrong with my library card account as I couldn’t renew it online several weeks ago when I tried. The staff were super helpful and it was a quick fix and I can now download audiobooks again! Which will come in handy once I start transitioning back to working in the office in the coming weeks and I need a book for my commute.

It was a wonderful morning and I’m looking forward to another visit soon. I have one more day off so let’s see what I get up to tomorrow. How about you, have you started venturing out more?

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