It’s finally that time of the year! We leave Saturday for our annual trip to Germany to visit my husband’s family. I can’t wait to spend time with family and friends, and who knows maybe I’ll even get caught up in the World Cup fever.

Will we be spending most of our time in the Niedersachsen area but we’ll also be in Belgium for a week as my husband is participating in a calligraphy workshop. While he’s doing that I’ll be busy exploring, sampling Belgian chocolates and of course hunting down the best of the booksellers. Neither one of us has been to Belgium before so we are quite excited.

I may drop in on you guys here and there as I know I will miss you bunches but I’m looking forward to hours of uninterrupted reading, train travels, long walks in the parks and just relishing life.

Hope you enjoy some fabulous reads and see you after July 23. I promise to be back with lots of pictures and tales of newfound books.