bargainbooksI hope you all had a great weekend. I had so much fun with my friend who visited. We did quite a bit of shopping and enjoyed just hanging out and catching up on life. We try to go to different places for our girls day out and this time we went to San Marcos where there is an outlet mall.

We saw plenty of designer shoes, purses, clothes, etc. but see that picture? Yes, there was a bargain books warehouse. I was ready to spend hours there but I knew that wouldn’t be quite fair to my friend so I walked away. Yes, I walked away without buying anything. Unbelievable right?

Don’t worry, San Marcos is only about 2o minutes from me so I will go back soon!

We had a very fun weekend but now it’s time to get caught up on other things. I have done very little reading this weekend so tonight I hope to do some of that. Actually I’m in the mood to start a new book so I’m going to go stand in front of my shelves for a while and see what I can find.

How was your weekend?

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