Two More

I’m excited to report on two more challenges I’m joining this year as I hope they will help me  reach some of my reading goals.

First is the Poetry Reading Challenge hosted by Serena. I joined this challenge last year and didn’t quite complete my goal but I did read two poetry collections so that is definitely something to be happy about. Like last year’s challenge, there are several levels from which you can choose. I’m going to try and reach the Villanelle level which means reading five or more poetry books.

I’m up for the challenge. I do enjoy poetry a lot and I would love to read more. One thing is that I’d like to discover other poets. For example, Denise Levertov, Jane Hirshfield, Anne Sexton, etc. Another thing I want to commit to with this challenge is to attend at least one poetry reading. We have several poetry readings at local indie bookstores and it’s about time I go visit some of them!

The second is #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks hosted by Andi. The goal, as the challenge states is to read from your own books. The best part of this challenge is that you name the rules.

The reason this challenge really appealed to me is that when I was going through my yearly stats I noticed that only about 12 books came from my shelves (not including Kindle reads). That’s not a lot of books and no wonder my shelves are filled to capacity!

So I think this is a good challenge for me. I don’t know how hard core I can be but certainly I’d like to increase the number of books read from those found on my shelves. So I’m going to strive to at least read 20 books from my shelves.

Thank you Serena and Andi for hosting these challenges. I’m going to enjoy participating!

How about you, are you joining either of these?

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