Two Great Bookstores

We had a very good time in Austin, even if it was just a short visit. Aside from seeing some friends I also had a chance to go check out Stitch, a craft experience extravaganza. I was tempted by a lot of products but only bought one Frida Kahlo pendant that I had to have.

After the crafty stuff it was time to go visit two of my favorite indie bookstores, Bookwoman and Book People. I love wandering around in these stores… I can spend hours checking out the cards, bookmarks, posters, and of course the books. Everything about them is just fantastic. I got a few goodies; a blank journal, Venus Zine, Tin House, and a copy of Rain Taxi, while my husband spent a small fortune on some design magazines.

And, of course we had to stop at a cafe at one point to relax, get some caffeine and read a bit. The Christmas music was playing, I was reading Hercule Poirot’s Christmas and it would have been so perfect except that outside the temperature was around 80 degrees. Ah, Texas weather for you.

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