Tuesday Intro

I enjoy participating in, First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros, but didn’t realize it’d been several months since I’ve done so. So I’m back and tank you to Yvonne, from Socrates’ Book Reviews who hosts this meme. As a reminder this is your chance to post a bit from a book that you are reading or planning to read. My entry comes from a book I’m planning to start this week.

“The thoughts of all present tonight,” said Mr. Birley, ‘will naturally turn first to the great personal loss – the very great personal loss – so recently suffered by the firm, by the legal profession and, if I may venture to say so without contradiction, by the British public.’ No one did contradict him; partly, no doubt, owning to the fact that Mr. Birley was personally responsible for the salaries of the greater number of those present, but also because the principal speaker at a staff dinner very rarely is contradicted; Mr. Birley, therefore, proceeded.”

Smallbone Deceased by Michael Gilbert
This book was originally published in 1950 and is part of the British Library Crime Classics published by Poisoned Pen Press.  Even though I enjoy mysteries I don’t often read a lot of mysteries from the Golden Age of Detective fiction so I’m excited about this book.

Book synopsis: Horniman, Birley and Craine is a highly respected legal firm with clients drawn from the highest in the land. When a deed box in the office is opened to reveal a corpse, the threat of scandal promises to wreak havoc on the firm’s reputation―especially as the murder looks like an inside job. The partners and staff of the firm keep a watchful and suspicious eye on their colleagues, as Inspector Hazlerigg sets out to solve the mystery of who Mr. Smallbone was―and why he had to die.

This actually is my selection for my mystery book group. We are still not meeting in person but we have a conference call coming up so I hope I can read it before our call.

Have you read this book or does it sound interesting to you? Let me know if you enjoy books from the British Library Crimes Classics collections.

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