Tuesday Intro

It’s time for another, First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros. Thank you to Yvonne, from Socrates’ Book Reviews who has started hosting this meme. As a reminder this is your chance to post a bit from a book that you are reading or planning to read. My entry comes from a book I started reading this weekend.

“If the car crashed at this speed the impact wouldn’t be enough to kill us instantly. Which you might think is a good thing. But it’s not. The one thing worse than dying on impact is not quite dying on impact. Trust me, I know, I’m a doctor. And, now that I’m thinking about – I’d be genuinely surprised if this rental car even has airbags. 

Sparkling snow-covered fields hurtle by at speed. White-dusted hedgerows, sheep, ruts, and ditches – the background of my childhood, a winter blur of pastoral England. Crips sunlight high in a rich cobalt sky. 

I flash a look to the driver – face locked in concentration – as the breaks squeal and we change down a gear, grinding into another blind corder. All I can do is will us on and hope we make it in time. Before my patient does something terrible.”

Mr. Nobody by Catherine Steadman

What an opening right? This psychological thriller is about a man that is found on the beach with no major injuries but also no memory. Meanwhile, Dr. Emma Lewis is asked to make an assessment of the patient.

This could be her big chance to make a name for herself but there’s something Dr. Lewis has been hiding and will this put her at risk?

I actually started this one last week although I haven’t made much progress but I’m enjoying it.

What do you think? Would you keep reading?

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