Traveling Via Books

“For some time now Russian travel agencies have sold Berlin as a kind of insider’s tip for the rich. They say, you can have fun to die for there. In one Russian city guide for Berlin tour operators advertise with the slogan “Hoist your own personal flag on top of the new German Reichstag — come and conquer Berlin!””

*Picture taken from the Reichstag dome. You can see the Brandenburg Gate below.

I may not necessarily want to be in Germany right now given that it’s winter time. My husband’s family has told us that they feel like Germany has joined the North Pole. If they are complaining of the cold, I can’t imagine what I’d think. ha. But, I’m dipping into Berlin Tales by Lyn Marven and it’s at least fun to go back to Germany even if it’s just through books. I’m going to continue with my book, eat some German chocolate and think about the next time we get to visit.

Where are your books taking you to lately?

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