Totally Tired

Work was stressful today and as soon as I got home I went to bed. I took a nap at 5:30 p.m. – What is wrong with me! Well, it could be that I didn’t get to bed until past midnight the previous evening. Yes, I was reading and lost track of time.

So what am I reading? Oh I’ve got several books going on that I have to tell you about.

My lunch hour book is Murder on Washington Square by Victoria Thompson. It’s fourth in the Gaslight Mystery series. I’m addicted to these books and am quickly going through the series. The mysteries aren’t that convoluted but I do like the main character, Sarah Brandt, a midwife and sometime sleuth. The setting also has me hooked; turn of the century New York. Victoria Thompson does a great job of sprinkling the book with lots of details throughout on social conventions, dress and lifestyles of that era.

Next to my stationary cycle is If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend by Alison Pace. I enjoy chick-lit when it’s well written and it seemed like for a while there wasn’t anything new or refreshing out there. This novel reminds me of why I like the genre. It’s not about finding the best pair of shoes but finding yourself and the little quirks in life along the way. So far this is turning out to be a fun read.

For my nighttime reading I’ve just started The Royal Physician’s Visit by Per Olov Enquist. Written by one of Sweden’s most acclaimed writers, this tale is of the dramatic era of Danish history when the court physician to the king became the holder of absolute power in Denmark. I can’t remember having read a Swedish author before so I’m really looking forward to delving further into this book.

Buenas Noches for now.